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You can use these links to share your images with your friends. Copy
one of the codes below that fit best with the kind of place you would
like to share your image. Then you can paste the code in the place
youd like the code to be. The Forum Codes are usually for if you would
like it to go in a forum post or anywhere that excepts BB Code. HTML
is usually if you are adding it to your website or any place that excepts
HTML Code. The simple address doesnt have any code wrapped around
it. It is simply the web address of the image.

If the Copy button doesnt work for you press the Highlight Text button.
Then press at the same time Ctrl and C on your keyboard to Copy.
Press Ctrl and V to Paste it where ever you like. You can also use your
mouses right-click Copy & Paste feature.
mommys_pee.jpg shopping.jpg enema.jpg new_body.jpg play_time.jpg

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